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Our Mission

Our Vision

A world in which suicide is no longer an option when striving to recover from trauma and strengthening our mental health. 

Our Values



romoting trauma awareness and knowledge that is necessary to overcome the effects of trauma.

eaching ways to embrace ourselves and take control over our lives.

elcoming women and young girls to be emotionally vulnerable on their healing journey.  

ncouraging to take a step forward in improving our mental health. 

Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Transparency

Posing in Lingerie

What is a Trauma?

Trauma is a life altering event:

Domestic violence

Family violence

Physical abuse

Mental abuse

Childhood trauma

Medical trauma

Eating disorder

Drug abuse

Sexual abuse (molestation, rape, sex trafficking, assault)

Community violence (bullying, assault burglary, etc.)

Serious injury (car accident, loss of a limb, paralyzed, etc.)


Life trauma (PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, natural disaster, grieving, refugee, mass shooting, etc.)

Mental trauma (suicidal thoughts, postpartum depression, depression, anxiety, insecurities)

Complex Trauma (exposure to trauma as a child)

Our Founder


Esha Wooten, Founder, President, VET, MHA, TRC,MA
Born & raised in Flint,MI. Author of Not Damaged, created PTWEco due to being sexually assaulted by two family members in her adolescents years. She overcame suicidal attempts, depression, bullying, abuse, and self hate. PTWEco was founded to give women and young girls that support and sisterhood that Esha wish she had throughout her life. Esha Wooten continues to be a mental health advocate and studying trauma recovery.

Board & Committee Members

*As we continue to expand to have all our programs, services, and events around the United States. We are currently focused in Michigan, Georgia, and Florida. This should not discourage program volunteers; you may still volunteer to be a part of our programs and/or to be a client. 

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