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Making a Monthly Donation for trauma recovery and mental health will have a lasting impact! 

What happens when you make a donation?

You are keeping our programs and services free and accessible!

You are helping someone that doesn't have the mental strength to help themselves.

You are providing support to someone that felt as if they were all alone. 

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    Making a difference!
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    No one has ever become poor by giving -Anne Frank.
  • Elite Member

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    We make a life by what we give -Winston Churchill

Becoming a Member of Pretty Tough Women’s Empowerment grants you an exclusive relationship with the CEO, board and the company as a whole! Receiving exceptional merchandise, newsletters, tickets to events and more!

Subscribing as a member not only gives you perks and advantages to everything we have to offer, but being a member means that you’re contributing to all of our programs, you’re helping someone through trauma, and your membership is counted as a donation to a non-profit and you can provide the receipt for your taxes!

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