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We need YOU for our upcoming magazine! Aspiring student or experienced 


We hold events and programs all over the united states. If you would like to volunteer for an upcoming event/program in your community. this is the perfect opportunity!

Committee Member

This position is for those who have a passion for all that we stand for. If you would like to work side by side with our board members and even our CEO, and be apart of having an input on our upcoming programs and community services and events, this opportunity is for you!

Supporting Staff

We are in need of supporting staff, such as secretary, administrators, assistants, to provide feedback, supervise over hiring, give recognition and awards, meeting notes, etc.

Board Member

We are not currently accepting new Board Members, as we have a trusted and dedicated team put together. If an opening opens it will be posted. Thank you for your interest! 

Crisis Hotline Assistants

This position is currently closed until further notice. 
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