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Everyone can help Someone!

Why you should become a partner?

Trying to Recover from trauma should not end in suicide. 

Financial barriers, insufficient support, and societal standards surrounding someone that is climbing the ladder to recover from their trauma can be an immense challenge. 

Pretty Tough Womens Empowerment Co. continues to pervade support for women and young ladies mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially through each and every program and service we have to offer. Providing a refuge from not only the world, but for their mental capacity. 


Corporations can make a significant impact through fundraising, contributions, or cause-marketing. 

Youth Conference
Baby's Grasp

Why PTWE? 

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.” - John green

We are not only dedicated, but more than half of our team has been through a life altering situation, and had to overcome the symptoms and effects of our trauma. We're not only happy to provide, but we know exactly what to provide, not only because we have lived it but we also needed it.

With Pretty Tough Womens Empowerment you're more than just a donor! We strive to build authentic relationships with every individual and corporation that supports our purpose. 

Benefits of Becoming a Partner:

  • Mutual Benefit

  • Matching Gift Program
  • Brand Alignment 

  • Robust Alignment

  • Community Reputation

  • Advertising Opportunities 

  • Employee Morale

  • Positive Brand Recognition

  • Energized Client Base

  • Advocate for mental health and trauma recovery

  • Commitment to women and young girls

  • Collaboration on creative, innovative, and thoughtful partnership ideas

  • Increased awareness around your cause

  • Increased Sales

  • Data

Have an in-kind donation? 

We absolutely love in-kind donations!
Have equipment or services you'll like to donate? That'll be great!!!
Here's a small list of in-kind donations we're always in need of, even if what you provide isn't on the list, don't worry, we could never say no!

Washes & dries at laundromat
Psychologist/therapy sessions
Drivers training courses
Fitness sessions
Day care coverage
Painting equipment
Sewing supplies
Planting tools
Customized Shirts
Bus passes


Ready to Become a Partner? Complete the Form Below!

Thank you for making a difference! We will send over your documents and contact you soon.

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