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Clothing Closet

Used clothes can still warm many people!

Our clothing program is here to provide clothes to you and your family in your time of need, no questions asked.

If you're here to donate clothes, please do not send to our private mailbox,
but click here --> EMAIL US <-- We are free to do a porch pick up or meet you at your location of choice for drop off! 
to make sure your clothing gets shipped to one of our board members, committee members, and/or volunteers in an area that we have a current clothing request for. As it eliminates the middleman and gets the clothing to our families quicker. 

*Please fill out form below to receive clothing. 

Understand to receive your clothing may take 1-5 days, if you're in a city/state where we do not have board members/committee members/volunteers, it may take up to 10 days to receive your clothing package through the mail. Clothing will be new, like new, or gently used. Not always, but sometimes you may receive shoes within your clothing package. Please be sure, even if your clothing has tags on them that you wash your articles of clothing before wearing them as we are not responsible for reactions - rather that is an allergic reaction, environmental, physical, and/or mental. 

We're happy to help! Talk to you soon!

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