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Our Volunteer Training

Welcome to your one-stop training spot! Here you will find a breakdown of all training!

On-Demand Training Webinars: These are available  anytime; rather they are outsourced or conducted by PTWE. You can take them at your leisure.* (This excludes the one PTWE training which needs to be scheduled and conducted virtually and live.)

We offer a variety of trainings to enrich your volunteer experience and knowledge within PTWE, receiving certification once your live training is completed. 

Please understand we are only accepting volunteers in the states of Michigan, Georgia, & Florida. 

Training focuses on:


Mental Health

We are a mental health and trauma recovery focused non-profit, so there is a great chance you will meet those that are dealing with healing from Trauma, it's important to recognize it, be knowledgeable, and base your customer service skills on it. 



As a volunteer you are a leader, you will learn strategies to be an effective leader and how to figure out things under pressure. 



It's extremely important to know the company you're volunteering for. You will learn about Pretty Tough Women's Empowerment's history, culture, mission, policies, goals, events, what's expected of you, and our documentation process.  This needs to be scheduled and presented virtually live. Once you complete the volunteer registration form, you will receive an email on the available dates. This is Mandatory for ALL volunteers no matter the volunteering area. 



As we want to keep the safety of not only ourselves, but the people we are serving top priority. It's important to recognize the signs of airway distress and when others around us may need immediate help until paramedics arrive. If you currently have your CPR card, you do not need to take this. 

Kids Running

Summer 2024

Youth Program Camp Counselor

Our Summer youth programs can run from 1 week - 3 weeks depending on the circumstances. It is important that you're prepared to engage and encourage our young ladies. 

Committee Member

Be apart of the Board

Pretty Tough Women's Empowerment works better with our Board & Committee Members! If you would like to be apart of our committee and be able to put your ideas forward to better help us serve our community, complete the training below and preview our committee member agreement & responsibilities form Here. 

Team Meeting

2024 Events

Mother Daughter Dance, Cook off, Benefit Sport Tournament, Trauma Awareness Walk

Our events are nothing without YOU! We need you to make sure our events run smoothly and our vendors and guests are having a great time, we know your smile and dedication is all we need to make the day complete!


Fresh Air, I&F Assistance, Self Care Saturdays

We offer 3 programs that allows you to volunteer your time, knowledge, skills and love. Each program has a separate volunteering system. View our programs to learn more!

Helping Hands

ready to volunteer?

Complete our registration form below!

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