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FREE Summer Sisterhood Youth Program

We cannot always build the future for the youth, but we can build our youth for the future!

Here is everything our FREE Summer Sisterhood Youth program has to offer

  • Expanding our young ladies minds to positive thoughts for:

  • Self Confidence

  • Sisterhood (with a big sister to last throughout the duration of the program)

  • Life Skills

  • Goals

  • Character

  • Leadership

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Health

  • with hands on activities, community guest and projects!

  • Ages 7-16.

  • Program will be available in all states, please check back for your states registration form. 

  • The girls will be required to sell 15 items from our dessert/sweets fundraiser to secure their spot after registration. Here's a preview of their future brochure: take a peek!

  • Program lasts 1 week, with a certification ceremony celebration for the whole family at the end. The girls we be assigned a mentor that they can choose to keep for life, at the ceremony & given a bag filled with things they'll need for mental strength in the future. 

  • Upcoming counties that will receive program this year

  • Genesee County, MI 

  • Hillsborough County, FL 

  • Fulton County, GA

Is this your first time attending?

Thanks for registering. See you soon!

Confetti Storm

Here's a look at our 2019 program before the pandemic!


Details of the pictures above:

“HEAD HELD HIGH, CONFIDENCE TO THE SKY” Day 1 of PrettyTOUGH Sisterhood Summer Youth Program completed! Girls excited about tomorrow. Bring your young ladies tomorrow to qualify for the certificate on ceremony day! Today we focused on our positive boxes where we write down compliments for eachother. our vision boards, our goals, conquering our insecurities, becoming independent, not being a follower, self defense, free time, group warm up dances. When asked what they’ve learned today hearing “to have confidence in our selves” was really amazing!!! Tomorrow we’ll focus on learning to Sew, the girls wanted to do slime 😂 so we’re doing it, another self defense mechanism, more confidence building, and the girls will receive gifts pertaining to the goals they told me they want to achieve when they get older & MORE!!! Bring your girls for a wonderful 🚨FREE🚨 Experience!! Oh & thank you to the worlds most funniest irritating Assistants ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️😂 the girls are holding the mirrors to their face repeating our saying, that is how we close out. Keep your heads high 👑👑👑👑!

Day 2 of PrettyTOUGH Youth Sisterhood Summer Program! Today was hectic, had to move a few activities to tomorrow. but it was still amazing!!! A few received their GOAL GIFTS today and was very happy! Can’t wait for Tomorrow!!! 👑 Beautician, Doctor, Technical Engineer, Cheerleader.

Congratulations to our girls that successfully completed the entire Pretty TOUGH Youth Sisterhood Summer Program!!! You girls are amazing! & I wish are time could’ve been longer. The girls were all SMILES today reading all the kind and positive things they’ve received in their Positive Boxes!!! They had lots of fun & loooove their shirts!!! “HEAD HELD HIGH! CONFIDENCE TO THE SKY!”

Changed location for our last day so strangers wouldn’t jump in the girls bounce house! Today was GREAT! Yes the program was originally 7 days, but we cut it short due to school starting in August now instead of September. Oh & thank you to our AMAZZIIINNNGGG Volunteers!

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