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Self Care Saturday's

Taking the time to do what makes you happy!


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As we are well aware of the many activities we can do to make us feel better, we have been gifted with the opportunity to provide beauty care (hair, nail, facials) Free of charge to those in need, as we await for more sponsors from every city and state to allow their Saturdays to be open to giving back, our Self Care Saturday services are currently limited.


Self Care Saturday's was first created to provide services for those in shelters, group homes, and adoptee's, but due to COVID our program is not allowed in other facilities until further notice.

As of now our Self Care Saturday's will be held at the salons in which our sponsors are located.

Every Saturday their books are open to make you feel as beautiful on the outside as how you are in the inside.

Please be courteous to our sponsors, and do not take advantage of their services, as your first and last name, and before and after picture will be kept in our records, may any issues arise.

Hair Wash
Booking and further communication, advertising, and information will be completed using the sponsors booking system.

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