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PTWEco. Scholarship 

2022 recipient:

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - N.M.


Scholarship Rules:

  1. ANYONE (not gender specific) that has been through trauma

  2. Between ages of 18-25

  3. Future trade school, and college students can apply

  4. Topic: Your past, present, & future

    • Trauma related - telling a piece of your story, how you have grown, The field you will be focusing on and why, you may add in as many details about your trauma as you see fit, or you have the option to keep it scarce. The gruesome details of your trauma is not on the grading scale.

  5. You may choose between a 500 word essay, or a 3 minute video, but NOT both.

  6. If you choose essay, remember it must be a minimum of 500 words, Times new roman 12pt font, and double spaced.

  7. If you choose video, remember you must have a plain colored background and good lightening, with minimum to zero background noise.

  8. Scholarship opening date: February 1st

  9. Scholarship closing date: June 25th

  10. Recipient notified: August 1st

  11. $500 Payout given: more information given to recipient. 

  12. Any entries made before opening and after closing will not be considered. 

Technology Class
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