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Fresh Air

"Its never too late to wipe the slate clean"
After reading the terms and conditions, please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon!

What is our "Fresh Air" program? 

Our volunteers take the time to complete one of the most heaviest tasks when you are depressed, having an ADHD or Anxiety overload, or trying to get the hang of being a new parent! 

(With parents consent we do service minors rooms as well.) We know how hard cleaning can be when your mental state isn't in the right place. We know how it is to look around the house and see the mess that was left there after being in a dark place for too long. We are here to help!

Set duties our volunteers may take care of:

  • Organize - books, paperwork, mail

  • Bathrooms - clean floors, sinks, & mirrors. Will not clean toilets or showers.  

  • Kitchen - clean sink, stove top, counter tops, dishes, inside of microwave. Refrigerator remove expired items in fridge. If fridge has stains from juice or food clean out. 

  • Living Areas - dust surfaces, clean mirrors, window sills, vacuum/sweep/mop floors. 

  • Bedrooms - pick up items, throw away trash, organize, make bed (after comforter, sheets, pillow cases have been washed) vacuum/sweep/mop.

  • Laundry - wash, dry, fold. Do not have to put away. 

  • Empty all trash before leaving


It's VERY IMPORTANT that each client read, download/print the terms and conditions. Please understand that you can only use this service once a month, and that you may not request a specific volunteer. Be aware that you must sign an agreement form and send in identity documentation so that we keep you and our volunteers safe. Only zero or one (1) person allowed in the household for the duration that our volunteers are there. They will have a set of responsibilities already set out for them on our cleaning app, you will not be able to request for them to complete any tasks. Understand and learn more from the Clients Terms & Conditions and the agreement and registration form that will be sent to you via email that you must sign. Understand that it may take up to 2 weeks for you to be added unto our roster. If we do not have any volunteers in your area we will notify you immediately.

Your Local Laundromat Cares About You!

We have the opportunity to partner with laundromats in your area that understands that women and young girls that go through trauma need a huge support system to decrease the chances of suicide. 3 washes and 2 dries are provided for FREE (detergent not provided). We know the need of not only a clean house when depressed but clean and fresh smelling clothes. Are you a laundromat that want to show your support? Click HERE!

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Thanks for becoming apart of our community!

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