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Family Christmas Giveaway

Giving the light of love, to those who need it most!


*If you would like to donate to our Christmas giveaway, we do not accept used toys due to not knowing if we have fully disinfected them and wanting to provide those less fortunate with new things not hand-me-downs. We do however accept a form of donation to go towards our Christmas program, and you may donate HERE. Christmas gifts are purchased brand new from stores.


We try our best to pick the families fair and square, as we do appreciate your background story about you and your kids, and we love hearing the stories of how much you love them. To keep it fair, after we have received more than 4 family entries, to keep our picks unbiased we just pull from a drawing hat.

We wish we could help each and every one of you, but we have to cap our family giveaways to only 4 families each year. & Yes, the parents receive one gift each, because you deserve a present as well. We hope when you're chosen that your children's face light up like Rudolph's nose.

We're so glad to be an option to make your Christmas special!

Unwrapping  Gifts

Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.


Our families are chosen on December 4th of every year to give enough time for shipping and handling if need be. We do not put our names on the gifts, as we would love for your children to know either Santa or their wonderful parent gave them the gift they always wanted. Please understand we do not purchase gifts if the one item alone is more than $55. As you cannot put in a specific gift request, we do allow for you to tell us about everything your child loves, and we choose gifts from their interest.


Fill out this form below, & Good Luck!:

Giveaway Registry!

Good luck! 

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