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 "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." — Helen Keller

Why should you become an event sponsor?

Trying to Recover from trauma should not end in suicide. 

Becoming an event sponsor isn't just a statement that you support our event, but that you support our entire cause! Our events are put together to not only strengthen our commitment to your community but to allow mothers and daughters to gain a positive relationship, as well as teach young girls self-confidence!


Financial barriers, insufficient support, and societal standards surrounding someone that is climbing the ladder to recover from their trauma can be an immense challenge. 

Pretty Tough Womens Empowerment Co. continues to pervade support for women and young ladies mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially through each and every program and service we have to offer. Providing a refuge from not only the world, but for their mental capacity. 


Benefits of this commitment?

  • Collaboration on creative, innovative, and thoughtful partnership ideas

  • No annual contribution required 

  • Building long-lasting and personal partnerships

  • Increased awareness around your cause

  • A way to acquire new supporters

  • Positive brand recognition

  • Marketing support

  • Advocate for mental health and trauma recovery

  • Commitment to women

Ready to Become an Event Sponsor?
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